June 25, 2017

What is Kudu

The Kudu Platform

Kudu's platform lets you manage every aspect of supply chain & fulfillment -- and adds a fully integrated marketplace suite as well

Supply chain

Built for efficiency and scale, Kudu's supply chain manages multiple process flows, allowing maximum flexibility for various deployments


Kudu utilizes a Warehouse Management System that has over 12 years of development history and processes over a million orders a year


Kudu's marketplace is built for easy and efficient transactions between suppliers and buyers, and sits on top of Kudu's fulfillment infrastructure

Track & Trace

Seamless management of track and trace requirements both through integrated seed-to-sale partners and directly through Kudu


Kudu has dozens of detailed reports helping you to manage every detail of your business, and ensure total compliance and transparency

Last Mile Delivery

Complete visibility into the delivery process, ensuring access to real time information for supplier, buyer, and all other necessary parties

Kudu enables total control of your brand: manage who can purchase your products, sales territories, fulfillment locations, and more

Merging Delivery Infrastructure and Marketplaces

Kudu is a supply chain B2B marketplace solution for the cannabis industry.  

Kudu relies on a supply chain / WMS platform which was forged from over 10 years of industry experience in solving complex fulfillment and distribution problems for suppliers and buyers.  The Kudu marketplace enables cannabis suppliers and buyers to interact and transact directly, and is fully integrated with the WMS supply chain platform. The modules that helped give rise to Kudu are:

  • Supply chain management system - enabling efficient management of order data, product, funds, and title
  • Warehouse management platform - comprehensive WMS platform for 3PLs and those shipping their own products
  • Kudu Exchange - a B2B platform designed to seamlessly connect buyers and suppliers  
Kudu - Built on a supply chain and fulfillment foundation