A fulfillment platform for when details matter

Making the complex simple

A one stop shop for fulfillment and logistics

Our focus on efficiency is relentless, ensuring maximum exposure for sellers and zero unnecessary costs for buyers


Kudu Technologies utilizes state-of-the-art security and encryption, ensuring a safe, scalable marketplace


Kudu’s platform helps manage regulated markets requiring comprehensive accuracy and detailed process ordering.


Designed for managing high transactional volume in a stable, secure, and rapidly scalable environment.

Kudu benefits both buyers and sellers

Kudu scales with you

Kudu combines the ease of a marketplace with the power of an enterprise logistics platform
An enterprise class solution

Efficient market access and fulfillment are fraught with complexity in any industry. In highly regulated or specialized markets, those complexities are magnified several times, and suppliers need a rock solid solution they can trust.

Kudu provides a proven and scalable platform to both buyers and sellers, ensuring that they are able to maximize growth, and focus on what they do best.

  • Fulfillment Control

    Users of the Kudu platform can manage their own fulfillment, or assign various fulfillment companies based on specific, customized criteria.

  • Communication Clarity

    Kudu enables suppliers and buyers to communicate directly, and provides transparency into invoices, POs, order memos, and other details critical to ensuring a smooth transaction.

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