A fulfillment platform to facilitate transactions, logistics and compliance

Logistics software that scales

Built for cannabis, forged from years in highly regulated, complex industries

Our core focus is on efficiency, ensuring easy ordering and data exchange between sellers, buyers and fulfillers


Kudu utilizes state-of-the-art security and encryption, ensuring a robust and scalable platform


Kudu’s platform helps manage regulated markets requiring detailed reporting and variable state & local laws


Designed for managing high transactional volume in a stable, secure, and rapidly scalable environment.

Kudu benefits both buyers and sellers

It's complicated . . . we get it

Kudu was forged from years in the alcohol industry, and is now applying that experience to cannabis
Built to manage complex markets

You’re in the cannabis or CBD industry because you have a great product or service, not because you seek complexity. At Kudu, we understand this. We spent over a dozen years building our platform for the alcohol industry, and as a result have a rock-solid, market-tested platform that processes well over a million transactions a year.

Kudu’s DNA is deep in fulfillment and order processing for highly regulated industries. Let us show you how we can help streamline your operations!

  • Fulfillment Control

    Users of the Kudu platform can manage their own fulfillment, or assign various fulfillment companies based on specific, customized criteria.

  • Communication Clarity

    Kudu enables suppliers and buyers to communicate directly, and provides transparency into invoices, POs, order memos, and other details critical to ensuring a smooth transaction.

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